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Chum Sut Kung Fu

Wing Chun, Filipino Martial Arts, and Groundwork

Chum Sut Kung Fu is primarily traditional Wing Chun. It also incorporates Filipino weapons training and groundwork to which we have applied the principles of Wing Chun and blended into the Chum Sut system. Students are encouraged to think for themselves and, with guidance, apply the system in a manner best suited to their individual attributes. This produces a comprehensive, effective fighting system suitable for men and women. The advanced nature of the system does require students to be at least 16.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like more information, please contact us.

Posted on 23 Jan 2010 by Tyler

A Film That Gets Wing Chun Right

Want a good example of wing chun on film? Look here.

Ip Man, a movie based on the life of the man considered the first to teach wing chun openly, shows some truly excellent martial arts sequences. Much like the no-nonsense style that the main character mastered, the film presents a straightforward, and sometimes brutal, look at how the style is used to great effect.

A great example of the wing chun style is shown in the clip below. Ip Man takes on ten Japanese karate black belts at once. This clip has several examples of traditional wing chun concepts including following through as your opponent retreats, simultaneous attack and defense, and a barrage of attacks once he has made it through his opponent's defense.

If you'd like to learn more about these techniques and more, join us for a class and see for yourself how effective wing chun and Chum Sut can be!

Posted on 15 Mar 2011 by Tyler

Our Sifu

Phillip Grainger

Sifu Phillip Grainger hails from Carrickfergus, just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland. He started his training in karate at fifteen. After earning his black belt in Wado Ryu karate and establishing a successful karate school, Phillip discovered the Chum Sut system of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Kali weapons training and, being impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of the new system, started training in this new art.

After two years of training he changed his school over to the Chum Sut Kung Fu system, and two years later was awarded a first level skilled practitioner in Wing Chun Kung Fu. He then went on to become the first person to be awarded second level skilled practitioner by his instructor, Sifu Thomas Lamont, in the Chum Sut system. In his 35 years of experience, Sifu Phillip Grainger has, in addition to Chum Sut and karate, gained experience in many other martial arts including kickboxing, Jiujitsu, western boxing, Jeet Kune Do, and mixed martial arts.

After emigrating to the Sonoma Valley in 2003 he started teaching some of his friends in his garage once a week. In 2007 he moved his classes into the Sonoma Ballet Conservatory studio, then opened classes to the public in 2008.

Posted on 23 Jan 2010 by Tyler

More Information


Chum Sut classes are held in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, and Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland. Information about class locations and times can be found on our classes page.

If you have any questions please contact us via e-mail or phone.

For more information about the constituent parts of Chum Sut Kung Fu please see the following links:
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Posted on 23 Jan 2010 by Tyler

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